Gangasagar Mela 2025 date

Gangasagar Mela 2025 date, “Sab tirath bar, Gangasagar ekbar”, may we visit other heavenly places a few times – however a visit once to Gangasagar merits a daily existence time, remembering it Hindus from everywhere the world, from Nepal, Thailand, West Indies, Canada, Japan, a long way from Australia and from each province of India arrives at the conversion of Ganges at Sagar Sangam arranged in southern piece of West Bengal in India. gangasagar mela 2025 date

Gangasagar Mela 2024 date
Gangasagar Mela Date

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Gangasagar Mela 2025 Date :

Gangasagar Mela 2025 date is January 14.

Gangasagar Mela Overview :

Gangasagar Mela 2025, Gangasagar Mela is the second greatest assemblage of Hindu travellers after the Kumbha Mela. The Gangasagar Mela is noticed yearly and just on Sagardwip (Sagar Island). Consistently during Makar Sankranti explorers from everywhere the nation come to take a blessed plunge at the juncture of the waterway Ganges and Bay of Bengal, trailed by offering supplications at the Kapil Muni Temple. This sanctuary is inundated in incredible stories and is profoundly venerated among enthusiasts.

The Ganga Sagar Mela a few days ahead of schedule and finishes on the day after Makar Sankranti. Hindu travellers from India and around the planet show up at Sagar Island to take a heavenly plunge in the consecrated waters of the Ganga River before She converges in the Bay of Bengal. 

A great many Hindus take a sacred plunge at the favourable time on Makar Sankranti day morning and offer supplications to Lord Surya (the sun god). The heavenly plunge is accepted to wash the transgressions away and lead to the fulfilment of Moksha. 

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Ganga Sagar Snan 2025

Subsequent to performing Ganga Snan, explorers visit the Kapil Muni Temple arranged close by. This is an old sanctuary and is one of its sort in India. 

Fans begin to show up in the main seven day stretch of January and the scene pulls in greatest explorers on the Makar Sankranti day. 

Ganga Sagar Mela Snan the reasonable related with Snan goes on for seven days yet appropriate Snan (Bath) and its strict functions start from a day before Makar Sankranti and end the following day. On Makar Sankranti day, aficionados keep quick and love Kapil Muni at his sanctuary at 3 AM toward the beginning of the day with Maha Puja and Yagna and afterward wash in the virus water of the sacred Ganges River to wash away their transgressions. 

Hindus from everywhere India and abroad come to perform Ganga Sagar Snan. In any case, it is more frequented by individuals from West Bengal, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Jharkhand, and Odisha because of their nearness to the spot.